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Chemical name: Liquefied petroleum gas(Mixture)
Molecular formula: C3、C4.

Structural formula(Mainly for the propane and  butane ):  

Relative molecular weight: Uncertain  
CAS NO.: 68476-85-7
Appearance: Colorless gas or yellow brown oily liquid with special odor.
Index of quality:

Item Quality index Test method
Density (15℃ ), kg/m2 / SH/T 0221
Vapor pressure(37.8℃), kPa ≤ 1380 GB/T 6602
The content of  C5 and C5+,%(V/V)≤ 3 SH/T 0230
Evaporation residues,mL/100mL ≤ 0.05         SY/T7509
Observed  stains / SY/T7509
Copper corrosion,class ≤ 1 SH/T 0232
The total sulfur content ,mg/m2   ≤ 343 SH/T 0222
Free water without visual unless Eye-measurement

Uses: Liquefied petroleum gas is mainly used for petroleum chemical raw materials, or hydrocarbon cracking ethylene or steam reforming to synthesis gas, for industrialand civilian fuel of internal combustion engine.

Packing: Using steel cylinders, the flammable materials, no fire.

Storage: Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Away from fire, heat source. The provisions of filling cylinders, prohibit excessive filling.

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